Ship at your own pace

I was feeling close to launching Tascflow yesterday, and I'm really glad I didn't push for it.

I found (what I thought) to be a minor bug in the report screen and left it in my notes to check out later.

What I found was kind of shocking:

It was a major fucking bug in basically the whole algorithm.

Despite doing multiple rounds of testing prior to this, the use cases had not exposed it. That means a user would have and it would have soured their experience on using it.

In startup/maker culture it feels like there's this rush to launch fast and that can be disastrous.

I get it, validation and what not. However, don't forget to test relentlessly as the project changes.

Now that section of code is bullet proof and somehow more concise. 🤔

Ship at your own pace and don't be afraid to take your time.

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