Working through self doubt

I'm roughly 3/4 done with the MVP for Tascflow, and the self doubt has come rolling in.

  • "This isn't a big enough pain point for anyone to pay for"
  • "My design is going to hold it back"
  • [Insert maker here]'s project is/was so much better.

The list goes on, and all of this is bullshit.

Even if the first point ends up being true, that's missing the point of why I made it:

  • This is my first actual web app - I've built dozens of sites in the past, but not like this one.
  • I've learned so much. Functioning CRUD, user authentication, JS and more.
  • This is scratching my own itch, for a real workflow. I'll use it even if no one else does.
  • Oh, and I'm well within my month time-frame for shipping it.

My motivation for the past couple years was driven too much by money and that really messed with with my expectations. I want to make money, but it can't be the primary thing.

Working on projects was a complete slog and if they didn't show promise within a month or two, it crushed me every time.

I look forward to working on this every day, even if it's the boring stuff.

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