Is a project a month feasible?

A common trend i see in maker communities is shipping a project a month. This was popularized by Pieter Levels years ago and was a big deal at the time.

While I think pushing yourself to ship is great, the chance for burnout is extremely high. And with little of the exposure that the original idea had. It's not a new thing at this point.

That said, I'm doing something similar with my own path for the rest of the year. The benefits of consistently shipping are definitely real:

  • Find what works faster (validation)
  • Gain more experience (technical and practical)
  • Attract more attention

It's a weird balancing act because shipping constantly means also embracing failure. It's easy as hell to say that it's just part of the game (and it is) but it's an ego bruiser almost every time. I have failed at almost all of my projects for the past 9 years, and never hit the level of success I want.

It's okay if my next project doesn't blow up - I'm going to try my best to objective notes of what went well and what didn't.

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