Don't underestimate product/founder fit

One of my biggest takeaways from getting serious about making things again: product/founder fit.

I went through a long period of trying ideas I had that I thought could be successful. Then, when things were inevitably slow and difficult, I burned out and quit.

One time, I even deleted my IH account and erased all mention of a project from my Twitter. I was too embarrassed.

The main thing that propelled me in the wrong direction was my motivation: getting away from my 9-5 job. (I still want that, but it's not the cornerstone anymore.)

For most of us, building a successful project is:

  • Going to take a while. (There should be growth, but not overnight.)
  • It's going to be very difficult.

Having that fit gives you a huge advantage in persevering and unique insight into the situation. It's why worrying about copy cats is a waste of time.

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