For my next project

I know I'm getting ahead of myself here since I'm not finished with Tascflow yet.

...But I needed to write this down while it's fresh.

For my next project, I really need to do the following:

  1. Be more thoughtful and do more research before committing a month's worth of time to an idea. It's longer than I thought.
  2. Actually define my target audience - Tascflow's is vague and will make launching harder.
  3. Build a high quality landing page and get it in front of my audience BEFORE I build. Validation is key and will help prevent me from flailing around.
  4. Build with the bare minimum. I didn't do a bad job, but a month of coding is still a month of coding.

I tend to get carried away when I have an idea that I like and recognized this pattern. I just start building and then I check the 'landscape' after that. Big mistake!

All of this said, I'm on day 13 or so to create Tascflow and I have almost all of the functionality done, so I did a good job with scope. When it launches I'll be sharing numbers (traffic, etc.)

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