Motivation + first post

I've been wanting to write a blog lately - so here it is.

A little about me. I've been making websites for years (albeit, basic ones and Wordpress powered ones.) Since 2017 I've been more focused on game development.

One constant through this journey has been one of motivation, and I think I've approached it from a variety of angles unintentionally.

Money, freedom and reputation are all there. But they're all shitty reasons for me to do something.

Any project I start that has any of these qualities as the foundation is a slog.

The best motivation for me is to just make shit that I'm into. Making a game or website is difficult enough that without a solid purpose behind it, I am very likely to quit on it. Quitting is good sometimes.

Obviously, I don't want to totally ignore the commercial side of things. I want people to enjoy/use what I make, not just create in a vacuum.

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