I'm back, Bear Blog!

Did ya miss me?

Around July 20th, I decided to get more serious about this whole blog deal.

Bought a VPS, installed Ghost and put the latest in privacy-focused analytics on it.

Then it hit me - I'm not enjoying writing like I used to, now that I'm trying way harder with it.

When I started working on Tascflow, I had this urge to post on here about it.

Then my posts became less of what I wanted to write, and more about what I perceived my audience enjoying. What would get me more newsletter subscribers, etc.

I don't care about the fancy styling. Ghost was nice to use (once it was configured), but it made me realize I don't care for learning the in's and out's of a VPS.

I don't want to write SEO optimized articles, researching keywords. I want to write for me.

I hope that people like yourself can get some value from my posts (or at least a little entertainment) - but I really miss writing short form journals without a care in the world if anyone was reading them.

As for my newsletter, I'm only going to use it when I am launching something. The world has too many newsletters as it is. I guess that makes it a mailing list now :P

Thanks for following along.


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