Every project evolves

Every project I've ever made has unexpected evolution.

For example, with Tascflow:

  1. Tascflow started from a PHP blog example (95% of that code is gone. 🤠 )
  2. It's no longer on SQLite3.
  3. Authentication moved to a third party.
  4. Added Bootstrap for a responsive layout.

...and so on, you get the idea!

Even with experience shipping products to users, I tend to underestimate the difficulty and time involved. Part of the reason I made Tascflow was the simplicity of the idea (time logging isn't machine learning, right?) - even then there was more to it than it seemed.

That said, I'm not far off of my original time line of soft launching it in a month. I'm 33 days in and extremely close - just finishing up testing now.

I've enjoyed the process, but it's clear that I'm going to have to approach my next project differently:

  • Be more selective with my ideas.
  • Try to sell before I build. (This one sounds hard, but key.)

I don't think I've taken a single day off. Proud of the consistency, but I don't think it's a sustainable pace long-term for me.

Pretty soon I'll be announcing Tascflow on Twitter, and seeing how people respond to it over the next month or two. If it does well (paying users), I'll continue building it.

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